Adaptec 2120s F6 Driver

Also known as a stripe set. Note that only those array types available according to the number of drives selected are displayed. If Enabled, then the controller will enable the write-back cache of all attached drives.

Detailed view defaults to displaying the numbers of the start and end blocks of each segment in decimal values. See also stripe, stripe set. If you select Tasks for a channel, controller, or the system, all relevant tasks will be displayed.

If you changed any host adapter settings, you are prompted to save the changes before you exit. The following commands are used to display, create, and manage arrays. This setting provides the best performance, but in the event of power failure there is a risk of data loss.

Trademarks Adaptec and the Adaptec logo are trademarks of Adaptec, hp tx2110us drivers Inc. When Adaptec Storage Manager is installed a scheduled task is created to perform a weekly background consistency check of all hot spares in the system.

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You can opt to either disable the tool tips or to have them pop up immediately. Close the window by clicking the X in the top right corner.

For all versions of Microsoft Windows the utility is named notify. Selecting the detailed option shows information for all segments on the drive. Before creating any array, use the disk show space command to display information about your disks. Typically arrays use the same size drives, or if drives of varying capacities are used, the capacity used on each drive is limited to that of lowest capacity drive. Hot Spares A hot spare is a drive that is reserved to replace a failing drive in a redundant array.


The notifier is installed by default. If you are unsure ask your e-mail administrator. Any unused capacity on drives is known as available space, and can be used in another array or arrays. The following sections describe these operations in greater detail. This will finish the creation and storage of the certificate.

Physical Devices The Physical Devices view displays information about the drives and enclosures attached to the Adaptec storage controller. Any data previously on the drive is not recoverable, and if all or part of the drive is used in an array, data integrity of the array will be compromised.

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Also called first virtual device. Battery Tab Appears if the controller is fitted with a battery module. More information is available by either positioning the mouse pointer over the device or clicking on the arrowhead to the left of a row of devices. Tool tips are enabled by default and appear after a brief delay. In such cases, the controller will not activate write caching, regardless of the write cache setting.

Simple Volume A simple volume consists of a single disk drive. Making an Array Bootable You can make an array bootable so that the system boots from the array instead of from a stand-alone single disk.

An array can be set to read-only if not in use by an application. Does not apply to all types of battery. Supported on NetWare only.

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Each level of event can be enabled or disabled independently. Press N to modify the level of events the user receives.

At the bottom of the screen is a button to Clear the event log. Select the disks for the new array and press Insert. The default is set to log no events. Provides redundancy by storing the same data on two components. This action may result in other array s being renumbered.

General, Alarm, Battery, and Details. Also know as top-level array. All member drives are present and operational, and all data written to the array is protected. Optionally, click Advanced to adjust the priority for the task.

Red Hat then permits others to copy, modify and redistribute the collective work. This indicates that selecting any of these three buttons will bring up an additional window with information and options specific to that array. Any changes you made take effect after the system boots. Create, Modify, and Delete. Accept the default if that is correct for your mail server, or provide the appropriate value and press Enter.

Appendix A, Glossary, provides an alphabetical list of terms with brief definitions. The default is Drive Default. Applying Changes Many property windows allow you to make changes. For a detailed description of the capabilities of any controller, refer to the documentation supplied with that controller.