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PurePrint examines fingerprint images using unique artificial intelligence technology to reliably distinguish between fake and actual fingers. Please let us know what we can do to improve this utility.

Note the unusual angled position of the sensor. So the marketing war is starting -see Jenetric.

Fingerprint sensors Here are the fingerprint sensors that have at least existed once, excepted simple optical sensors. Mems on alternate substrates. Fujitsu Microelectronics America Fujitsu was the Veridicom manufacturer. Flexible fingerprint sensors promise embedded secure access control. Aliveness detection is not really new.

Here are the fingerprint sensors that have at least existed once, excepted simple optical sensors. Capable of sensing through microns.

In the last case, the image is becoming very noisy this is maybe the reason why there is the logos on screen? Likely processed by Denken semiconductors. Pionners Here are some links related to pionner stories about making solid-state fingerprint sensors.

Each pixel is equipped with four sensors. Local copy of the webpage for the records. This is not the same sensor, and no angle. Transmission optical fingeprint sensor. Optel holographic ultrasonic camera for fingerprint recognition.

Kona and Zwipe are already using it. Year on the photo is surprising. Digital Persona May Released the Firefly, a sweep optical roller. No personally identifiable data such as name, address or e-mail address will be collected.

If you want to get some information about the silicon manufacturers where these silicon sensors are fabricated. See Digital liquid lens for fast scanning technologies. Silicon manufacturers are fabricating these sensors. Brochure smartphones tablets.

Seems not to use the previous sensor prototype. Underglass fingerprint sensor.

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Biometrics fingerprint sensor products

Sony Sony develops fingerprint sensors based on capacitive sensing. Mitsumi May Mitsumi demonstrates an optical sweep fingerprint sensor. The fingerprint technology is able to measure the fingerprint and also the configuration of veins in the fingers, providing additional security versus that of a surface fingerprint alone.

Also available at BaiJiaAn. Is there some problem with the glass thickness? It looks like a regular capacitive touchpad, but with a higher resolution images from patents. Looks to work more or less like the Optel sensor. See also the sensor electronics research group.

HP Software Update

Biolog device Biolog device. Sensor seems to have a very different shape. Apple said nothing about that. Customizable size and shape.

Operates in visible and near infra-red up to wavelengths of nm. The new sensor can be mounted under the cover glass of the smartphone. But a very original method. Innovations in fingerprint capture devices Xiongwu Xia. Some specific partnerships with CrucialTec and Q-Tech, and the situation is not so clear.

Own a patent with two stacked chips, to obtain a flat surface. By adopting a new original patented packaging technology, Goodix integrated the metal ring, sapphire cover and sensor into a small volume. The same, different coating?

The sensor can go over a regular display. Likely the same chip than another manufacturer?


Develops capacitive fingerprint sensors. Elan Aug Elan Microelectonics is developping fingerprint sensors optical type and capacitive type, flashpoint 3dx driver with Startek. Holtek Holtek is offering ultra-thin optical fingerprint sensors. Some images on Bromba's website. Likely the same chip for Biosec.

Please provide us feedback on your update experience. Partnership with Shenzhen O-Film Tech.

CrossMatch was used to produce regular optical prism devices. Microgeometry Capture using an Elastomeric Sensor Retrographic sensing for the measurement of surface texture and shape.

All this through the display? Guess a pure software method?

This single-chip solution does not require an external microcontroller for handling the cryptographic functions. Press release local copy, for the records Corporate history. First engineering sample in March. Works with Samsung Display.

Biometrics fingerprint sensor products

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