Evga Geforce 9400 Gt Driver

EVGA GeForce 9400 GT graphics card - GF 9400 GT - 1 GB Series Specs

Did you try turning down the video settings in the games? How it works - Download and run UserBenchMark. Shop Support Community Member Home.

UserBenchmark Nvidia GeForce GT

Otherwise I just use my computer for the internet. And yes your Power Supply could also be a problem.

Learn more and download it here. Any other suggestions that I can try? From looking at it now, I guess it doesn't lag, I swear it did, but I may have been wrong. This application even has a built in artifact detector that will notify you if any faults are found!

GeForce 9400 GT and Win 7

Got a crappy old computer, but a fairly decent graphics card - can I get the graphics to compensate for the crap processor? But, the Farmville worked. User Control Panel Log out. Forums Posts Latest Posts. If you don't feel like doing that for some reason, maybe because of the cost of shipping it back to them, you can always open up the side of your computer's case and put a house fan next to it.

This is going to be dumb, but I need to put it back in my computer, download one of those and do what from there? Samuel Colt made them equal. Out of no where, I started to smell something like brunt I think?

What caused this to happen? By using our site, you agree to our use of cookies. Best value for money - Value for money is based on real world performance. Everything works fine if I stay in the smaller window that come up.


This feature delivers the ultimate in efficient gaming. It would be under warranty, if I didn't buy it brand new off E-Bay and they some how know that. Please enter your feedback here. This allows for increased refresh rates on select monitors, meaning smoother gameplay and reduced screen tearing!

You can even tap into GeForce Experience to automatically get the latest drivers and optimise game settings with a single click. Like since I downloaded the new driver I haven't been having any problems, netgear wireless n dual band wnda3100 driver for mac it's running just fine and everything. Make sure that your video drivers are properly installed.

Today's hottest Amazon Ebay. Nothing is more distracting than framerate stuttering and screen tearing. Learn more and download it below! Related Questions Is this graphics card any good?

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Anyone figure out the Kingpin card yet? Our figures are checked against thousands of individual user ratings.

Essentials Only Full Version. What type of fan i should use on radiator? Cookies help us deliver a better site. Adaptive V-Sync is a smarter way to render frames.

The charts also illustrate overall performance, popularity and rank. Can I save files on a soap bar? However, this sounds like your card isn't getting enough power sent to it from the system. Effective speed is adjusted by current prices to yield value for money.

UserBenchmark Nvidia GeForce GT

After I adjust the fan speed and everything, can I uninstall or put it in my new computer? Haven't received registration validation E-mail? Anti-aliasing smoothes out jagged edges but can be demanding on framerates.

EVGA GeForce 9400 GT Video Card

The first tends to occur when framerates are low, the second when framerates are high. Since it still works just fine, besides the fan. The fan will move freely by hand with no problems, first turn on the computer for awhile it works, then starts going hay-wire. Everyday, Zynga posts all the problems that people are having, it seems to be a never ending list.

Zynga support has suggested a few things that I have tried to no avail. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? If i call a fax machine number and make high pitched noises, can i create a document? Because I just wasted money out of my pocket. Group Test Results Best user rated - User sentiment trumps benchmarks for this comparison.

EVGA GeForce 9400 GT graphics card - GF 9400 GT - 1 GB Series Specs

The cursor won't move the view and just disappears if it try to do anything. UserBenchmark of the month Gaming Desktop Workstation.

My computer wasn't getting hot or overheating what so ever when it happened, nor in general. They would just freeze on the first frame.